Top-10 of STeX!UP partners:

Bounty Num of referals
250.63 ETH 949
153.22 ETH 150
105.56 ETH 109
88.91 ETH 95
73.26 ETH 113
70.39 ETH 396
64.66 ETH 99
55.91 ETH 325
51.88 ETH 97
47.52 ETH 103


Enter your Ethereum address and become a participant of the STeX Up! Partner program and get your referral links.


You spread your partner link

You tell your friends about our ICO or the Exchange itself. Make a review on your blog or youtube channel or a forum post. Post your link whereever you want, but do not spam!


You earn a "small" fortune on the ICO

You earn 8% from all bought tokens by people coming through your partner link on the ICO + up to 50% of the commissions they pay to the exchange! For example, you recommend an trader who buys 100 ETH of A2A tokens. You immediately earn 8 ETH. The biggest payment to the partner in the program is 245.57 ETH and counting.


Bring users to STeX

Imagine 100 people comming from your link and start trading on STeX.Exchange - they may pay very big amount of commissions if they are full-time traders. And up to 50% of what they pay will be yours - as long as they trade, no limits, no caps, no cheating.


Bring STeX!UP Partners

Invite partners in STeX!UP and get up to 25% of their payoff! We track all partners that were involved in referral chain and divide additional 25% of the payoff between all of them.

Join STeX!UP Partner program:

Check your STeX!UP balance now!

Let us explain how it works. Whenever someone clicks your STeX!UP link, our system generates a session for the user who came through this link. And even if he/she goes away and returns back later, peeks around the website and later decides to subscribe, you will be credited. All systems was revised before the ICO to provide even better referral tracking abilities.

How can you get your STeX!UP reward?

Go to this page again, enter your wallet, check the balance and hit the "withdraw" button. If your balance is greater than 0.6 ETH, it will be transfered to your wallet within one day.
You do not need to get any STEX project's tokens to use STeX!UP program. Just enter your wallet, get your link and spread it. Post your STeX!UP link and meaningful comments where appropriate. In STeX!UP you get up to 8% from all referred transactions on the ICO and up to 50% from user's commissions. Additionally, we track all partners that were involved in referral chain and divide additional 25% of the payoff between all of them. There is no cap on amount of commission paid. The more you recommend the more you get. You can not use your own referral link to buy tokens. Balance check and payments are in realtime.